I’m Iris Maree, owner and founder of studio IRIS MAREE. I launched my cruelty free brand in 2012 because I wanted to prove that it was possible to create high quality vegan luxury bags without animals suffering for it.

Studio IRIS MAREE is my absolute passion. I love the thrill of designing a beautiful bag while at the same time contributing to a better world. Some people who buy my bags, don’t even notice that the bags aren’t made of real leather. Showing the world that it’s possible to create luxury fashion without animals suffering for it, that’s my mission. 


What is vegan leather?

Vegan leather is a man-made material that mainly consists of synthetic fibers as an alternative to silk. The extremely thin fibers are woven in a three-dimensional structure which forms a compact base. This basis is crucial in the process to arrive at a strong and high-quality material.

The base material is coloured and finished with a flexible coating to ensure the material does not wear out or fades. The combination of a soft base and a flexible coating make our material almost indistinguishable from real leather in both look and feel.



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