An Amsterdam-based brand

Iris Maree is an Amsterdam-based brand that creates the ultimate bags. Pure lines and dynamic colours give our bags a strong feminine attitude. Easy in function, our bags are suited for all seasons, all occasions and made according to our ethics of not harming animals. Since the launch of her namesake brand in 2012, Iris Maree is committed to conscious fashion. We are specialised in the highest quality cruelty-free material, vegan leather, and design bags to be used and loved for a long time. 

Each bag is designed in Amsterdam and hand made with the finest craftmanship by our family-run atelier in Portugal. Depending on the creative process, classic styles are refined or new styles are added to the collection. Iris Maree bags can be recognised by the round enamel logo pin at the backside of each design, logo embossed soft gold hardware and our gold foil logo stamp. The round pin signifies our beautiful planet and all its creatures we love and respect. 




Iris Maree offers a cruelty-free alternative to luxury fashion, and never uses leather, fur, feathers or any other animal (by)product in the manufacturing process. By using vegan leather we try to contribute to a better world given that animal-derived leather has one of the worst effects on the environment (around 18% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions). We’re proud of manufacturing high quality and cruelty-free bags, and at the same time contribute to more sustainable and conscious fashion.


During the manufacturing process we use the highest quality animal- and cruelty-free material. Our bags are made of a man- made material that resembles real leather but made without animal harm. It consists mainly of a blend of cotton and synthetic fibres as an alternative to silk. Our linings and dust bags are made from organic cotton, recycled cotton or recycled polyester. To guarantee the best quality and production conditions, all materials used are made by ourselves. Although the environmental impact of our leather alternative material is up to 24 times lower than animal leathers, we are constantly striving to improve by for example looking for water and plant-based materials.


Our vegan leather material can be used in its entirety. The vast majority of animal skin does not meet the product requirements, and is destroyed. Unlike real leather, vegan leather has no waste in the manufacturing process.


The ambition of Iris Maree is to design beautiful bags and at the same time move the fashion industry towards a more responsible future, by inspiring our customers to make more conscious decisions. We also try to minimise our waste, by not using any plastics in the packaging and shipping of our products. We use organic cotton and recycled cotton for our dust bags, and recycled cartons to ship our goods. By creating fashionable and cruelty free products, we prove it is possible to wear high quality luxury bags and make a conscious choice. 

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Vegan Leather

Our material resembles leather, but is created from artificial products instead of animal skin. It is a PVC free material consisting mainly of cotton, recycled polyester fibres (as an alternative to silk) and polyurethane to be water and stain repellent. To guarantee the best quality and production conditions, all materials used are made by ourselves. By using cruelty free materials we strive to create the most beautiful, desirable products with the least impact on our environment. And although we know that our material isn’t perfect yet, it is inherently more animal and environment friendly than real leather or PVC. We are constantly striving to improve and currently investigating the quality of oil-free and plant-based materials. 

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Made in Portugal

Iris Maree bags are designed in Amsterdam and hand made in Portugal by family owned atelier. The impressive quality and craftmanship of the team are an important part of our business and success. With manufacturing in Europe, we try to keep our ecological footprint as low as possible, and support the local community in Portugal. By everything we do, we strive to integrate sustainability, inclusivity and transparency in our company to ensure the future of fashion.

We only work with partners who respect human rights, compliant with European labour. We are very close with our partners and visit the factories in Portugal on a frequent base. Equally important is the fact that we only work with producers who work with proper standards of an environmental management system, covering standards, procedures and inspections regarding the local and international environmental safety requirements.

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Product Care

Our vegan leather is coated with a durable and resilient material. Resistant to scratching, water and moisture. Although recognized for its strength and easy care, in case of light stains we recommend lightly cleaning the surface with a damp cloth and warm water. For more stubborn marks add some dish detergent to the water and clean with a soft sponge. Dry the bag with a soft dry cloth. If you need further assistance in vegan handbag care and cleaning, we recommend taking our products to a trusted specialist. For further information or assistance please contact us at

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