What is vegan leather

We believe it’s possible to create cruelty free luxury bags by using vegan leather and organic cotton instead of animal skin. By using vegan leather, no animals are killed, there is less waste and it’s better for the environment overall.


What is vegan leather made from?

Vegan leather is a man-made material that mainly consists of synthetic fibers as an alternative to silk. The extremely thin fibers are woven in a three-dimensional structure which forms a compact base. This basis is crucial in the process to arrive at a strong and high-quality material.

The base material is coloured and finished with a flexible coating to ensure the material does not wear out or fades. The combination of a soft base and a flexible coating make our material almost indistinguishable from real leather in both look and feel.


Why is vegan leather better?

Did you know that cattle aren’t only bred for our food but also for their leather? This means that animals are actively born and killed for their skin. This isn’t only harmful for the animals, but raising cattle has also been proven to have a negative effect on the environment in general. 

Another problem with animal leather is the fact that only a very small part of their skin can be used. A lot of leather goes to waste. 

Vegan leather, on the other hand, is cruelty free and there is almost no waste in the cutting process since the quality of the material is consistent. Furthermore, vegan leather is actually more durable and the colours won’t fade or change. 


The advantages of vegan leather:

  •   Vegan leather is cruelty free and better for the environment
  •   Vegan leather is less heavy and therefore more comfortable to carry  
  •   Vegan leather is easy in use: water and UV resistant
  •   Vegan leather is easy to clean
  •   Vegan leather is anti-bacterial
  •   Vegan leather is colourfast


Striving for the best option

We are of course aware of the fact that the leather alternatives we use aren’t perfect yet. But it is inherently more animal and environment friendly than real leather or PVC. In our efforts to reduce the impact of our alternative leather materials, we continue to work on better options such as water-based material. 

We are still striving for the best option and step by step we’re getting there.