The Rental Project

An Introduction

At Iris Maree we design bags to wear and love for a long time. To make sure the bag you desire suits you in every way possible Iris Maree is introducing the rental project. We all know the feeling of an impulse buy and regretting it later. Not only bad for your mood, but also for the environment. Unfortunately we don't always have the ability to make sure products are suited to ourselves and our lifestyle. However, solution is on the rise as Iris Maree adds a new dimension to our consuming world by changing the standard. By inducing more people to think carefully about the purchases they make, you can now rent our cruelty free, vegan leather bags. Renting instead of buying doesn’t just help you save space in your closet 

- it reduces your carbon footprint, slowing down the consumption of fast fashion and decreasing the total volume of material that is being disposed of every year. This way you will get to know our brand and have time to decide what bag is the right bag for you - does it suit you, does it fit your personal style, does the bag bring you joy? If so, you can add the seasonless, high quality bag to your wardrobe for a lifetime. Going to an event or special occasion, but you don’t want to buy a new bag? Pick your favourite bag from our collection to suit the event and return it after. No bag will be worn only once anymore. A big, but easy step forward in our journey to change fashion to become more sustainable. 

How it Works

1. Choose your bag

From cross-body to shoulder, handbag to clutch. We've got all types of styles to fit all your needs. Find all our bags online here.If you want to explore all of our bags or you’re looking for personal advice, feel free to swing by our studio. We would love to help you find your perfect IRIS MAREE bag, even for that same evening.

2. Order Online / Set Appointment

You can simply add the bag you want to your basket with our online bag check-out. Just select the rental period and tell us in the notes which bag and colour you like to receive. However, you can also visit our studio to take your bag with you immediately. Receiving your bag through our online check-out system will take approximately 2-3 business days.

3. Choose your rental period

There are 2 rental periods to choose from, a short term fling or long-time romance.
• Short term rental: 4 days
• Long term rental: 12 days

We understand that you may fall in love with your bag and want to use it for a little longer.

So, every day extra on top of your chosen rental period we will charge you €5 per day.

4. Return •  Keep The Bag

When your rental period is coming to an end, you can drop off your bag in our studio, or send us your bag through the postal service by using the return label that comes with your order.

If you are in love with the bag you rented (which we completely understand) you can of course also buy the bag and we will reward your more sustainable choice with a 10% discount. You pay the retail price with 10% off, minus the already paid rental price. In love with the bag and want to buy it? Let us know by emailing

Choose Your Bag

Set up an appointment

Or simply select your rental period online

Terms & Conditions

We understand that little accidents can happen during the rental period of our bags.
Any small damages like a small stain or little scratch - we cover and pay for the damage ourselves.
By renting our bags you automatically agree to our terms & conditions.

 • If the damages are highly visible like a big stain or large scratches,
the strap is broken or the zipper doesn’t work anymore
- we will charge 50% of the retail price of that particular model.

 • If the bag gets stolen or you lose the bag
- we have to charge 100% of the retail price of that particular model.
• If you are too late with returning the bag
- we will charge you €5 per late day

Read our full terms & conditions