Our Story

At Iris Maree we design bags to wear and love for a long time. To make sure the bag you desire suits you in every way possible Iris Maree is introducing the rental project.

We all know the feeling of an impulse buy and regretting it later. Not only bad for your mood, but also for the environment. Unfortunately we don't always have the ability to make sure products are suited to ourselves and our lifestyle.

However, solution is on the rise as Iris Maree adds a new dimension to our consuming world by changing the standard. By inducing more people to think carefully about the purchases they make, you can now rent our cruelty free, vegan leather bags.

Renting instead of buying doesn’t just help you save space in your closet – it reduces your carbon footprint, slowing down the consumption of fast fashion and decreasing the total volume of material that is being disposed of every year.

This way you will get to know our brand and have time to decide what bag is the right bag for you - does it suit you, does it fit your personal style, does the bag bring you joy? If so, you can add the seasonless, high quality bag to your wardrobe for a lifetime.

Going to an event or special occasion, but you don’t want to buy a new bag? Pick your favourite bag from our collection to suit the event and return it after. No bag will be worn only once anymore. A big, but easy step forward in our journey to change fashion to become more sustainable. 

Want to try it out?