Our Mission

Iris Maree: “My mission is proving that it’s possible to create beautiful, luxurious products that are better for animals, people and the environment.”

With over twenty years of experience in design, Iris Maree is determined to show the world that something luxurious and beautiful can be made without animal suffering.  

She founded her vegan brand with a commitment to never use animal skin for her collections. Besides, she wanted to produce these collections in the best possible and transparent way. By using vegan leather and producing the bags in Europe, Iris is proud to offer fashion loving women a more responsible and friendlier alternative to actual leather.

Iris doesn't believe in the current fashion industry of mass production and big commercial brands, who do not take the environment into account.

Vegan leather is cruelty free and there is no cutting loss and unnecessary waste. The material we use is also waterproof and colourfast and also more sustainable than ‘real’ leather.

With small collections produced in a family business in Portugal, we minimize overproduction. At the same time, we provide employment and social care to the local Portugese community. Although improvement never stops, our ambition to make vegan luxury handbags in a responsible way has been proven.

Iris Maree: “It’s time to move to a more conscious world and take our responsibility. This doesn’t mean we can’t have luxury fashion items anymore, just that we need to be more aware of what we’re buying.”