Our Mission



“Proving it is possible to create beautiful, luxurious products that are better for animals, people and the environment”. 

With over twenty years of experience in design and production, and learning about the negative effects of mass production and the use of leather, Iris's ambition was to show that something beautiful can be made without animal suffering and in a more responsible way. She founded her bag brand with a commitment to never using leather and fur and producing collections in the best possible and transparent way. High-quality vegetarian leather has been developed to replace real leather and create luxurious handbags to love and wear for a long time. 


By using animal-friendly materials and European production, Iris tries to offer a more sustainable and friendly alternative to the current fashion industry.
- Vegetarian leather has less impact on the environment than leather
- Vegetarian leather has no cutting loss, there is no unnecessary waste
- Vegetarian leather is waterproof, UV-resistant and colourfast and therefore more durable
- With small and seasonal collections we minimize overproduction and stock
- The future of fashion depends on people. Social responsibility is a core value and must be managed proactively. We choose to produce our bags in a family business in Portugal that provides employment and social care to the local community