Our Material

Since its existence in 2012 Studio IRIS MAREE has chosen to never use animal skin for the making of her bags. Instead leather replacement materials like vegan leather and organic cotton are used in the production process. Main reason to choose alternative leather material is no animal suffering.

Other big advantages of vegan leather compared to real leather include:
•         Vegan leather has less and often no wastage in the cutting process
•         Vegan leather is less heavy and therefore more comfortable to carry  
•         Vegan leather is easy in use: water and UV resistant and easy to clean
•         Vegan leather is anti-bacterial

What is vegan leather:
Vegan leather is a man-made material that mainly consist of synthetic fibres as an alternative to silk. The extremely thin fibres are woven in a three-dimensional structure that forms a compact base. This basis is crucial in the process to arrive at a strong and high-quality material. The base material is coloured and finished with a flexible coating that ensures the material does not wear or discolour. The combination of a soft base and a flexible coating make our material almost indistinguishable from real leather in appearance and feel.

A continuous process:
We are of course aware that the synthetic alternatives we use are not without worries, simply not perfect yet. But it is inherently more animal friendly and environmentally friendly than real leather or PVC. In our efforts to reduce the impact of our alternative leather materials, we continue to work on better options such as water-based material. Once we succeed to produce this option in same strong and secure way as our current material, we will start using it for our productions as a next step in our journey to perfection.