Iris Maree offers a cruelty-free alternative to luxury fashion, and never use leather, fur, feathers or any other animal product in the manufacturing process. By using vegan leather we contribute to a better world given that materials derived from animals have the worse effect on the environment. Animal agriculture accounts for around 18% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions and is driving the destruction of our rainforests. Besides this, after the animal is killed it takes lots of energy and chemicals to transform the skin into the leather material we’re used to. We’re proud of manufacturing beautiful high quality products and at the same pushing fashion into a more sustainable direction. 

During the manufacturing process we use the highest quality animal- and cruelty-free material. Our bags are made of a man- made material that resembles real leather but made without animal harm. It consists mainly of a blend of cotton and synthetic fibres as an alternative to silk. Our linings and gift bags are made from organic cotton, recycled cotton or recycled polyester. To guarantee the best quality and production conditions, all materials used are made by ourselves. Although the environmental impact of our leather alternative material is up to 24 times lower than animal leathers, we are constantly striving to improve by for example looking for water and plant-based materials. 

Our vegan leather material can be used in its entirety. The vast majority of animal skin does not meet the product requirements, and is destroyed. Unlike real leather, vegan leather has no waste in the manufacturing process.

Our bags are packed in organic cotton or recycled cotton gift bags, and shipped in recycled cartons. We do not use any plastics in the packaging and shipping of our products.

Our ambition is to move the fashion industry towards a more responsible future, and make our customers feel confident and look good knowing they have bought a beautiful cruelty-free product.