About studio IRIS MAREE

We are studio IRIS MAREE, an Amsterdam-based brand that creates the ultimate vegan bags. We are specialised in high quality vegan leather and design bags to be used and loved for a long time. Pure lines, unique material and striking colour give our bags a strong feminine attitude. studio IRIS MAREE bags are suited for all seasons, all occasions and made according to our ethics of not harming animals

A pioneer in fashion land
Since its foundation in 2012, studio IRIS MAREE only works with cruelty free materials and seasonless collections. Depending on the creative process, classic styles are refined or new styles are added to the collection. Doing things differently in the fashion industry is not easy, but we believed it was possible to create and offer high-quality luxury bags made of a non-leather material (vegan leather). Being a pioneer takes time and effort to gain recognition, but we can say that we have proved our point: the wellbeing of animals doesn’t have to compromise fashion.
The perfect vegan leather
We knew that our brand could only become a success if the quality of our vegan material was as good as - or even better than real leather (also read: about vegan leather). Through trial and error we have managed to create a non-leather material with the same look and feel of leather. With our COME WITH COLOUR collection we celebrate the success of our efforts. Our vegan material is cruelty-free, beautiful, strong and made to be loved and used for a long time. 
Designed in Amsterdam, Made in Portugal
Our bags are designed in Amsterdam and manufactured in a family-run atelier in Portugal. By this we try to keep our ecological footprint as low as possible and support the local community in Portugal. By everything we do, we strive to integrate sustainability, inclusivity and transparency in our company to ensure the future of fashion.