Our story

Loving animals as much as she loves Fashion, Iris cares and respects our planet we live on and decided to create Vegan Leather.

Being herself a teenager in the 80's, she has been influenced by sounds and colours of that time all along and ever since.

But that time was also a new era for everyone when the medias started to inform the people about harming animals, killing them for their skin in the name of fashion. Iris became an activist against animal harm and decided to stop that unbearable cruelty killing them.

Later on, she went into the business of cosmetics and fashion brands, garments, accessories, bags and such, many bags.

Traveling a lot worldwide she saw in the producing countries that cruelty of harming animals, while in Europe customers only thought of consuming and buying at cheaper prices. That's when IRIS MAREE decided then to produce her own craft with an environmental policy that lets animals live, using friendly materials only.

But she wanted more. Proving that high fashion quality without an animal skin can be loved and appreciated by women bag lovers. A lot of traveling, technical investigation and researches were needed to result in studio IRIS MAREE: pop colourful vegan bags with pure lines and strong attitude.

Bags made without harming any animal and a full revival of the 80's that inspired her until today.