All about our Daisy White bags

With our limited luxury collection COME WITH COLOUR we embrace a new era in fashion where we reconnect and give expression to our thoughts and dreams. We celebrate summer with statement-making vegetarian bags to be used and loved for a long time. 
Where our COME WITH COLOUR collection is all about colours: vibrant and present colours, based on Iris' idea of perfection as we can only find it in nature, Daisy White is a nature based colour that brings the calmness in this bright collection of colours. 

“Each colour created for this collection is meant to do something to you, to give a boost of positive strength”

The Daisy White is inspired by a little lovely flower, a playful blooming flower that finds its happiness wherever its being placed. Finding its life wildly, surrounded by a variety of its own kind or all sorts of wild, bright and colourful flowers.  
Our Daisy White collection of bags is highlighted in Amsterdam's most impressive Dutch Design store: X Bank Amsterdam. Find your way to this cool store and try, feel, see our bags and you can't help but will fall in love with our Daisy Whites. 

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