All About Colours: Parrot Orange

Our collection COME WITH COLOUR is all about colours. The colours are vibrant, present and created to Iris’ idea of perfection as we can only find it in nature,  “each colour created for this collection is meant to do something to you, to give a boost of positive strength” 
The new shade within this collection called ‘Parrot Orange’ is inspired by the beautiful orange colour of parrot feathers and is reflected in the perfect kind orange bag. It has the vibe of luxury and play in one. 
Creating colours and realise the desired result on our material is in general an interesting but time taking process. On forehand it is never sure what the result of colour and material will bring us. Especially orange is a challenging colour to make it feel “rich” as I like to describe it. The tone of our Parrot Orange is rich, it is warm and bright at the same time while the lightly glowing finish gives the colour the extraordinary finishing touch.
Our vegetarian material is produced according to our ethics to not harm animals, and our drive to offer a high-end quality alternative to real leather. Vegetarian leather used for our bags is, in comparison to real leather, better for the environment and much more responsible in the cutting process. By the making of studio IRIS MAREE bags there is no material wastage, almost every centimeter of the material on the roll is used. While the skin of an animal is only partial good enough to use, the biggest part is not used and thrown away.
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