Our cruelty free symbol

The past couple of weeks, we at studio IRIS MAREE were working on a project regarding the most important aspect that studio IRIS MAREE is about: making⁠ (luxury) cruelty-free, vegan leather bags.⁠

Being a vegan brand (for us, it) means that our bags are free from animal skin and the use of animal by-products in the manufacturing process. It is our DNA, but we noticed you would love to hear more about it, and that's how we've come to this. ⁠

We will provide you with more information about how our bags are made, and the vegan material we use. To easily recognize an original studio IRIS MAREE bag we're introducing to you our vegan symbol, created and illustrated by the very talented Isabelle van den Heuvel (@isabellevandenheuvel).

The symbol reflects the love we have for our planet and the people and animals that live on it. We embrace our planet and it’s nature, our biggest and greatest inspiration.

Love,  team studio IRIS MAREE

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